Online Marketing - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Online Marketing – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Benefits of Online Marketing

  • Why online market is a saturated playground?

Companies spend obscene amounts of money on television and print advertising to promote their brands. They are investing massive amount of money on TV EVEN millions of small businesses quickly catch on! Which of course they spent MILLIONS in the advertising process! Online marketing is the third wave of the future big guns are out there. Market place in the future is going online, that is for certain.

  • So why are marketers either scared or in general NOT using Online Marketing as a marketing strategy?

Lets look and examine the 5 major reasons for this apparent lack of interest or lack of knowledge.

  1. Cost – When compared to offline advertising which contributes to less than 15% of the marketing budget, online marketing contributes 90%! Formula for underground success, the first thing to understand is that the internet is still new and therefore there is a lot of room for the playing field to grow further. This means your conventional shop front business can compete online with those that have been trading for a very long time without a big investment of time and of course, money.
  2. Time – the rising cost of running a conventional business means there has to be some saving of time somewhere right? Online marketing does huge chunks of that saving up front and not only does this save time but it also earns you the benefit of the business for the years ahead as you continue to grow your business.
  3. When people relate to the act of marketing, they think of an entrepreneur going out and buying a campaign of key words on Google who hopes to climb the rankings and rise to the top of the search engines. This is of course not the case. My role as a marketer, will be much different that of a traditional marketing person, not only do I pursue my business, but provide detailed education in the assets sold, and share tips with clients how they can move their business from entry to profits. So, understanding your role, you can quickly gain the knowledge and direction you need to move your business forward to the profit potential.
  4. regardless of where you are, Online is affordable and cost effective. Lesser than 4% of all people advertise online, yet I can still generate product sales from my target market by harnessing the power of the internet.
  5. The internet is forever changing. Internet marketers that are ahead of the way, will survive and prosper. Those who (pokerclub88) are not moving with the times will fail, gently fade into obscurity and won’t see any gains at all.
  • What are the awesome benefits of Online Marketing?
  1. layers of Global links – Puts your product in constant contact with people that are interested in your products.
  2. Social Proof – These customers have bookmarked your service or product and recommend it to others
  3. Low Cost Results – There is no extrav drawbacks of the costs of advertising, magnetic to pure press ROI
  4. Instant Platform – Your audience of media is online, you have their attention from the moment they enter your site!
  5. Sharp Advantage – Millions suddenly become available for any advertising message and the ROI crashes through the floor!