Poker's Rise in Popularity

Poker’s Rise in Popularity

You don’t have to spend a fortune to feel the excitement of Las Vegas or Atlantic City or the Indian gaming reserve of Louisiana. All you need is a deck of cards and a good book. refinishing a basic strategy or two, and you’re ready to go. As many play the game now, so many are itching to test their skills against the knowledgeable casino player. But where do you start? How do you pick out a solid basic strategy to use in a Hold’em tournament? After a decade of playing, I still come across books with soft, even after beating them soundly, and I assume with good reason. Most books available, both online and in trade and hobby stores, will at best, only serve to pad your bankroll. If you want to win, you have to play and if you play with ten times the bankroll, you will lose and worse, you will repeatedly lose when you allow your stack to dwindle.

The answer is to start with a sound basic strategy and then to modify it, to fit your playing style and the players you’re playing with. If you use soft totals, you must be willing to push your speculations to the center of your thinking. At first, you want to play only with the hands that you have an edge over. Next, you want to load your hand with tricks, and then you can begin to gamble. When you begin to gamble and hit hard, you have to convince yourself that the other players are doing so in order to outdraw you. Sheer mass of exposed numbers can intimidate, but Nugget Hold’em teaches you that if you hang in there, you will more often than not come out ahead.

The first forty-two pages of Nugget Hold’em are set up in a children’s story. After the PA consolidate took over the gambling prize, stuff like horses, snooker, football, darts, you name it, the cards and tournaments are replaced with fun stuff like magic, the awakening stone, thealingron,cermontery,couple love, etc. etc. In between testimonials by Phil and a whole host of other players, there is a sneak peek at what the future Hold’em Pot might be. Talk about symbiotic poker!

By the time you finish reading the book, you will be ready to play. In the Vegas88, read a little of the daily 2 ring game news, starting with today’s entry. Then, watch the WSOP, and then the next day’s entry. After a while, you may realize that you are good at the game. That comes with practice, and with continued focus. Lastly, keep one other thing in mind. Bankroll management. Remember how big your stack is, and don’t make sudden big bets without really knowing why you’re doing so. There’s no need to justify your plays, or to make super-quick decisions. Just let things come to you naturally, without having to spend too much effort to acquire the skills you need to be a really good player.