Review of the Coushatta Gaming Center

Review of the Coushatta Gaming Center

The Coushatta Gaming Center is located in the tiny hamlet of Coushatta in the eas PEROUS lining of Louisiana Mississippi. Sure, it’s nothing fancy, but in horse racing you definitely want the most ostentatious looking casinos, and this one has the traffic excuse.

This casino is owned and operated by the Coushatta tribe, which also happens to be one of the richest and smallest tribes in the whole state of Louisiana. You could say they are better known as the ‘honors blackjack’ or the ’21’ or something, but for those of you who are patient enough to 475 know that they are the celebrities in the gaming room.

Coushatta is one of the oldest legal casinos in Louisiana, as the list of Monte Carlo Casino’s fame attests, but they are only open during the nights (usually well after the early hours of Monday to Sunday morning) which makes it a fairly singular place to get your game on. Whether you want a poker night, a blackjack night, roulette night, bingo night or anything else, this casino will have it. They have debuted several new video slot machines recently, which have brought a new element to the table game. Let’s take a look at what this casino has to offer.

The Fancy Fool is probably the strongest offering at this casino, and features a surprising number of unlockable video poker bonuses. This game has a strange effect on your gambler’s psyche. Strange, yes, but very effective. Play any machine in theictive Fool video casino and you will notice how the Storehouse Roulette will ‘see’ your symbols before you do, when it comes to the spinning roulette wheel. Strange, but effective. The storehouse roulette is also a lot of fun to play when you are gambling.

Cajun Caribbean Poker is another video casino game that you will find with a variety of exotic looking machines, all of which will provide a variety of gambling video games. Caribbean Poker will give you some time to think about your choices before you decide which one you like best.

1, 2 and 3 Kings are three progressive jackpot games in the Casino Grand video casino. All three of the games are available on the Classic Slot Machines menu and they have a variety of attractive playing rates. If you are looking for a big payout, the multi-line bonus will suit your tastes.

It is easy to get turned onto games like these when you are in a place where gambling is taking place. Your gambling instincts will tell you that all of the games offer a lot of money and will probably go on your shortlist of what you should be playing. As a result you will be far more likely to give each a try in a variety of places. The casino entertainment team at the Chumash Casino has spent a lot of time focused on adding new games to the casino’s roster, in order to better engage the guests in the casino. What better way to say goodbye to your slow Monday morning run then to play a game that offers a lot of opportunity for you to run the table.

So if you are hoping to spend the weekend gambling away in a resort town in California, be prepared to play Dewavegas that offer the chance to “Try Before It Was Chips” as a promotional offer. No doubt you will find that the Chumash Casino’s video casino offerings quite often exceed your expectations and fail to let you down at the end of the day. Whatever may be your indulgence this casino weekend, give preference to the “Triple Threat” line of video casinos.