Texas Holdem Strategy - How To Play A Beginner

Texas Holdem Strategy – How To Play A Beginner

When one is starting to learn to play Texas Hold’em or any other type of poker, there are some basic sound principles that one should learn early on. Even when one is an accomplished veteran at a game, there are some very basic concepts and strategies that one should learn as the Commerce Casino’s Texas Hold’em Room can teach one how to play a beginner – and perhaps make one a great way to learn this other game.

When one first starts to learn to play Texas Hold’em, there are some basic problems that one will have to solve. Here are some of the most basic problems that one will encounter when learning how to play:

  1. How many players are in the room?

If the room is full, the game will most likely be in a larger poker room such as The Palace or Rogers. If the room is short-handed, the game may be at a smaller poker room such as Johnny Rockets or probably even a extension of one of the larger poker rooms. One should plan ahead and know which game(s) to expect and which ones to play first. If one starts with one bankroll, the poker rooms will be competing against each other for the best players and the best hand so, one will want to play the ones that have the best competition (loose players).

  1. How big should the bankroll be?

One has to decide this. The more money that one can afford to lose, the more willing one is to play and participate in poker rooms. On the other hand, if one feels extremely uncomfortable playing in a poker room, especially if one has no bankroll, poker rooms probably are not the right room for one.

  1. How comfortable is the poker room to play in?

As professionals play more often, they develop a feel for certain poker rooms. They will know which ones are probably more comfortable for them to play in because of the style of play. If one initially decides to play for little money, there is a less likelihood that one will stick around for too long. On the other hand, if one is primarily motivated by the money, poker rooms with experienced, higher quality players probably will not hurt one’s odds or chances of winning particularly.

  1. What are the differences in the games at the poker rooms that one does play?

Some poker rooms, like the Optimar, offer some bare minimum games so that one can always start on a new table as soon as they want to, rather than having to wait for a specific amount of time for one to login. These types of rooms are sometimes called “Micro-Casino” rooms. They are generally more competitive than other rooms with a more “Euro” feel to them. The US Casino is another one that is generally very busy and almost always has a lot of players. The competition is almost always in its favor, which means that one often has to wait in line to get a table/slot/conference.

  1. What are the competition levels in the poker rooms?

One should check out what competition levels they are playing against, especially for the games that they want to be good at. If they are used to playing among the “best” poker players, it will be harder to transition to playing in smaller games. The “play money” games at each level are very different from the real money games. Play money games are generally played with low limits and almost always involve playing for “fun” instead of for real money. Real money games are very different from these games and should only be played with sufficient bankroll and with a real grasp of when to call or fold.

  1. Are the players crazy?

If one can’t stand playing against the players that just love to play, doing something like play in a small high stakes poker room can be very beneficial. These players are generally very unpredictable and work very hard to learn how to play the game. One can learn so much from them in a short time, especially if they are teaching others the strategies that they have used to be successful in the game.

  1. What is the environment that you want to be in?

You might be asking yourself “what is the best mega88 room?” If you are lucky enough to live near a large casino area, you can probably find a game going on in one of the gaming rooms. If you don’t live near a casino area, the Internet is probably good enough for you. There are many sites that offer online poker and most of them are good. However, playing online is very advantageous because you can find many games at one time as well as different games at the same time. This allows one to play a lot of games simultaneously.

  1. How experienced are you?

You should be able to find a game where the players are very inexperienced.